About - Gin Pit Rock Band



David Shaw - vocals - David joined Gin Pit in March 2020. He's sung with Europe UK (Europe tribute) Blaze Of Jovi (Bon Jovi tribute) Mutha Humbucker, Blood Brothers (Iron Maiden tribute) and several more bands over the last few decades, in a long, illustrious singing career primarily covering the rock end of the spectrum. He's performed throughout the UK (even Shetland Isles!) plus Norway, Holland, Belgium, Malta and Philadelphia - and once bumped into Bon Jovi coming out a supermarket in New Jersey. More seriously he worked with Iron Maiden on setting up the CliveAid charity to assist original drummer Clive Burr with his care when diagnosed with MS, up till Clive's death in 2013. Less seriously, he was also accused of nicking all the towels from the Scorpions dressing room at the 2006 Bloodstock festival.

"Ever since I can remember it was rock and metal, the cardboard guitar miming to Kiss in the window reflection at 8 years old. The latter years had me thinking - I really should try something different that pushes some boundaries at least - but I really didn't know what direction to go in. The Gin Pit set list was left field to what I'd done previously and I'm really enjoying new vocal challenges and tunes." On joining Gin Pit....."it's a family, everyone is really chilled and most importantly, the music is played with passion and fun. If one of us drops the ball live the rest of us just laugh and point the finger." On fame....."what's that?"

Neil Tomkinson - drums - In the late 70's, drummer Neil recorded with Chris Sievey & The Freshies (later known by his character Frank Sidebottom), and was on the 1982 record "Jilted John" and the 1986 Richard Derbyshire song "Living in a box". In 1984 he played with the Eurythmics for 5 shows when their regular drummer was ill. After a spell with a few tribute bands - AC/DC, Kiss & Free - Neil was in more recent years with 5th Element, The Wrangling & Zero Gravity. Here's Neil drumming with The Freshies on TV back in 1981.

Dave Isherwood - guitar - has been playing in bands since the 60's, and appeared on Granada TV with his band in 1968 (so Dave's still not famous yet then!). From 1999-2002 he was with the Robbie William's Tribute Band Robbie's Angels (Robbie's Angels Video 2001/2) and from 2003 till 2013 was with top 6 piece function band Spy Candy, playing all over the UK and abroad. Gigs such as Livepool's Mathew Street Festival - Coronation Street Christmas Party - Coors Brewery - Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst - NATO headquarters - Thruxton/Catterick/Haydock Racecourses - many RAF & Army bases - Manchester Academy - ITV Studio 1 Party and several hundred more...

Steve Woods - bass - has been playing the pubs and clubs since the mid 70's in cover bands such as Portland Bill, White Noise and then Hi-Fire. Like Dave he's still not famous yet...