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Allan Sticks

Helen - vocals - has been a professional singer for over 20 years as a solo singer & in bands such as Beat This, Shake the room, First Impression, High life, & Valentino's Kiss. She was a resident singer at The Ritz Night Club & Jumpin' Jacks Manchester & also at The 1080 Wakeboard & Water Ski Club Staffordshire. She sang on 'Running Late' which was filmed live at the BBC studios for the Commonwealth Games. Other TV shows Helen has done include 'Arrange me a Marriage', ' The Bachelor' & 'Must be the Music'. She co-wrote a song that was entered into Eurovision after meeting producer Jonathan King, and recorded two more of her songs with PWL (Pete Waterman Ltd). She has played at Haven, Butlins, Pontins & Centre Parks, sang in Spain, France, Belgium & Switzerland & has done many weddings & corporate events.

Allan - drums - aka "Blackie" - has been a drummer in bands for over 20 years, with RD Goldfish, The Climb House, Leon (a support band for Selector) & Dead Clowns. He spent the last few years with classic rock band Cover Story.

He's even got A Levels in Music & Music Technology, along with Grade 5 Piano and Grade 6 Music Theory - which all means that when he goes...
1-2-3-4 its in perfect time.

Steve on bass
Dave - guitar - has been playing in bands since the 60's, and appeared on Granada TV with his band in 1968 (so Dave's still not famous yet then!). From 1999-2002 he was with the Robbie William's Tribute Band Robbie's Angels (Robbie's Angels Video 2001/2) and from 2003 till 2013 was with top 6 piece function band Spy Candy, playing all over the UK and abroad. Gigs such as Livepool's Mathew Street Festival - Coronation Street Christmas Party - Coors Brewery - Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst - Manchester Academy - ITV Studio 1 Party and several hundred more...

Steve - bass - has been playing the pubs and clubs since the mid 70's in cover bands such as Portland Bill, White Noise and more recently Hi-Fire. Like Dave he's still not famous yet...