Gin Pit - Pictures


Max - Lead vocals & guitar


Steve - bass & backing vocals


Jon - drummer


Dave - guitar & backing vocals

GOTH VW at Astle Park, Chelford

The GIN PIT band



"The Unfortunate Picture Winner of 2021" is.... Dave on Guitar. "Now that's magic" as Paul Daniels would say! Anyone wanna see what's under that cover? NO!

guest singer Dee Dee Chambers (with GIN PIT from 2013-2015) at GOTH VW 2023

GOTH VW - even more oputside the marquee

UK BikeFest BEC Arena, Trafford

The Bowling Green, Horwich

Harley Davidson Rider's Club Christmas Party

Ashton Jubilee Club

The Ashton Jubilee Club

Whittles, Oldham - with guest Frank Knight, singer with AC/DC's drummer Chris Slade
...and here's a YouTube clip of "Alto Voltaggio" featuring Chris Slade & Frank Knight

TOBB The old black bull

The Old Black Bull - TOBB, Preston

The marine, colwyn wales

The Marine, Colwyn, Wales

The Polished Knob, Todmorden

The Polished Knob, Todmorden

Dobbies Sports & Social Club, Radcliffe

Dobbies, Radcliffe

GIN PIT's new singer Max joined us in 2022, see Hot News - most pictures below include previous singer, Helen

UK Bike Fest

UK BikeFest at BEC Arena

BEC Arena

Zombie Attack! - from Scream Seekers Scare Crew (many thanks guys!)

Neil, getting into Incredible Hulk mode!He

The 2 pics above are of GIN PIT at the BEC Arena (Bowlers Exhibition Centre), Trafford Park, for UK BikeFest 2019 - more pics here from the BEC

Darwen LIVE 2018

Darwen LIVE 2018 - pics on the right are by the very talented photographer Paul Wright (Facebook)





Darwen Live

Darwen LIVE 2018

Darwen Live

Darwen LIVE 2018 - with Dave's son Richard guesting on Keyboards



Eagle & Child, Whitefield

Eagle & Child, Whitefield

Dyers Arms, Littleborough (Helen in centre!)


Dave - he looks better in the dark!

Bent and Bongs Beer Bash

Bent & Bongs Beer Bash 2018 & 2019

Check out our YouTube Video from Bent & Bongs 2019
- with Dave's son Richard guesting on Keyboards

Drummer Neil - all alone at the back!

Alchemy, Runcorn

Ghost checks out Dave's chords?


Horseshoe Bar, Blackpool Pleasure Beach - Drummer Neil - getting overexposed!

Horseshoe Bar, Blackpool Pleasure Beac

Alchemy, Runcorn

At the Alchemy, Runcorn - what the heck are we all looking down at?

Dave blames his equipment, again!

Dobbies, Radcliffe

Hale Barns Carnival

Hale Barns Carnival - 2018 World Cup Final Day!

Lostfest 2018

"LostFest 2018" - at Lostock St Gerard's Football Ground

Lostock St Gerard's Football Ground

t"LostFest 2018" - windy, but no rain, yet!

Robert Veitch

Providing the BAGPIPES for AC/DC's "Its a long way to the top, if you wanna Rock & Roll" is Robert Veitch - easy enough for him, having had a No 1 hit in 1972 with "Amazing Grace" when he played in the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.

Leigh Cricket Club

Leigh Cricket, Tennis & Bowling Club

Leigh Cricket Tennis & Bowling Club

With special guest Richard, Dave's son, on the keyboards


Going for a ride on the Cogheads MCC trailer at their Bike Show

Worsley John Gilbert

Excellent photobomb at the John Gilbert, Worsley

John Gilbet

John Gilbert, Worsley

Milnrow WMC

Milnrow WMC - dismembered hand gets a big finger extension from our lights...


another great photobomb!


The crowd parts like the red sea - oh look, there's Steve on bass!


Neil - waving & drumming at the same time!

Longton RockFest

Bath Hotel Morcambe

Bath Hotel - Morcambe

The National MBA Biker's Rally, Samlesbury Aerodrome

Punch Bowl, Atherton

Amazing stage pic focus on enormous finger at The Punch Bowl, Atherton!

Punch Bowl, Atherton

and more fingers pointing at The Punch Bowl, Atherton!

VW New Year's Eve Camp 2017

VW New Year's Eve Camp 2017, Cheshire. We need more sparkly lights...

carry on dubbin

Yep! It is inside a greehouse! Very well organised.

Dunno who this is, but she's welcome to join the band!

Another quality photobomb - nice one Santa!

Neil - main man at the back...


and here's some pics below from the past bands that we have been in... + some videos on our YouTube channel

Crewe Carnival

Dave (far right) and his son, Richard on bass, with "Kylie" and "Robbie" at Crewe Carnival

Bury St Edmunds

Dave (far left) & his son Richard on keyboard with Robbie's Angels (Robbie Williams Tribute) at Bury St Edmunds. Wearing a kilt coz Robbie's guitarist did at the time. And yes, it is four great girls on drums, keys, bass & vocals!

Videos of us in previous bands are on YouTube

Kirk coronation street

Dave & his bessy mate Dave from Spy Candy, with Coronation Street's Andy Whyment (Kirk) when they played at their Xmas party. One's had a few after gig beers - can you tell?

Spy Candy


Dubai, NYE

Dave in Dubai with Spy Candy on New Year's Eve. He's on the far right - no honest! And on the left a close up of Spy Candy's bass player Lynn at Dubai,
much more interesting than seeing Dave! I wonder what our bass player Steve would look like now in those boots?